Love Mechanics

Ended 1 Seasons - 10 Episodes
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60m 2022 190 views


When a junior woos Vee’s friend, Vee, swearing to love only one in life, has to cut ties with Mark. But God plays a joke on them and something happened between Vee and Mark. Mark chooses to tuck away and draws an end to it. However, Vee doesn’t want an end with Mark. Mark himself loves Vee although he knows Vee has a beloved girlfriend. Will the love between them make it? When will the awkwardness break out? What will Vee do?

Season 1
1 Image Episode 12022
2 Image remember-me-3540-poster.jpg Episode 22022
3 Image remember-me-3540-backdrop.jpg Episode 32022
4 Image remember-me-3540-poster.jpg Episode 42022
5 Image remember-me-3540-backdrop.jpg Episode 52022
6 Image Episode 62022
7 Image Episode 72022
8 Image season-1-4658-season-1.jpg Episode 82022
9 Image fahlanruk-4671-episode-5-season-1.jpg Episode 92022
10 Image Episode 102022